The concept of socially responsible business


Concept of the socially responsible business as the idea of sustainable development of business was formulated in 1992 at the World Summit in Rio de Janeiro, where a number of multinational companies, united under the name of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development were able to offer program of self-regulation of any business. The idea of socially responsible business includes two concepts:

• the concept of socially responsible business treats its social activities in terms of the interests of society and the state;
• the concept of corporate social responsibility describes the realization of business of its debt to society, collective and individual for their actions and their social consequences

The aspects of social responsibility in business:
• Economic. Payment of decent wages, job creation, maintenance of working conditions and training for employee.
• Legal. Honest payment of taxes and obligatory payments.
• Ecological. Compensation for the damage caused to the environment.
• Political. Appropriate strategies and policies of the country.
Are your business socially responsible?

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