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It is considered that the modern concept of office activities is formed by the beginning of 1980. During this period, the terms "office" and "office work" started to be widely used in the literature. In 1995 a very important classification of modern office was proposed dividing modern office arrangement into three components: office premise, engineering controls and software. Office premise is recognized not only indispensable, but the basic element of modern office. The concept of Intelligent Building System is interpreted as office space (office building) taken in conjunction with all applicable technical tools. Within the framework of modern office concept, specialists widely use an idea of intelligent office. Intelligence rate is determined by level of certain internal and external parameters provision. The internal parameters include, in particular, fire safety, climate and outsiders access control. Office intelligence rate is defined by interior design and the ability for quick redevelopment. Modern office space is not just a building, divided into floors, halls, rooms, offices, but a complex infrastructure where everything is functional and well thought-out. In many countries, the construction and organization of modern office buildings operation is highly developed and profitable business activity. Extensive office market provides an opportunity to purchase or rent office space that meets all your special needs.

Small firms and companies starting out their business prefer to rent a space in modern office centers. Modern office arrangement does not begin with the acquisition of office furniture or office equipment. Office space creation begins with thorough planning. Each square meter of office space is reserved in advance for specific furniture item or office equipment. Allocation and arrangement of office premises is one of the ways of achieving company's goals. Proper layout of office space provides economical use of space, prevents loss of working time on unnecessary movements, and provides staff comfort and safety. Proper zoning is to adapt the functional office structure to architecture of a particular building.

There are two concepts of office space division: on room-type and hall-type. Hall-type principle of premises layout assumes presence of a single large office room, where specialists of different professions and ranks work together with allocated private rooms only for top managers (as usual it is small-sized cabinets with fully or partially glass partitions). Hall office space concept appeared in the United States and was the result of the high cost of office space and need for frequent rearrangements. Often hall-type office space is limited only by the outer walls. Office buildings of such type usually are of large width and simple shape, which allows companies to achieve maximum efficiency of space. Experts from note that hhere is a high degree of flexibility and transparency in such premises.

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