How to choose a good accountant for a small company

According to statistics, more than 78 % of small and medium-sized businesses owners expect from their accountants active participation in planning of financial activities of the company. And only about 20% consider accountant an ordinary employee. It is important for top manager or business owner to determine the desired level of accountant participation in future activities of the company. We can say without exaggeration that accountant is the second person of any company. Its future development and prosperity depends on accurate accounting. In small companies accountant performs functions of financial analyst or chief financial officer. Company position on the market depends greatly from accountant professionalism. Therefore, small company owner should determine whether accountant functions are limited to accounting records and reports submission or extended to taking part in tax and financial planning.

Good accountant saves a company from 4 to 40 % of annual profits. Knowledgeable accountant has the necessary experience and skills to deeply understand all the issues of taxation and workflow, to anticipate potential problems and their solutions, to find ways to implement the operations and their accounting. Accountant is a person who knows all the details of your company activities. Sometimes accountant knows much more than the owner and the manager, so it is important to employ a person you can absolutely trust to. Often, managers and accountants work in a team for many years. Learn here more about Little business LLC recruitment services.

In recent years, employers have become more demanding for chief accountant qualification. And the job market has responded: now there is a sufficient number of specialists who have positioned themselves as the chief accountant and thus versed in tax planning. But according to executives, about 30 percent of applicants are eliminated already at the interview stage.

When you choose an accountant for small company you should determine from the start what human qualities the candidate must possess. Thoroughness, meticulousness, attentiveness and caution in the eyes of busy director are often turned into tediousness, and sometimes stubbornness. According to our data, about 35% of workers in firms of small and medium-sized businesses avoid contact with accounting, considering them too captious bores.

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