Methods of financial resources optimization

Financial solutions

One of the most effective methods to regulate the movement of financial resources, which is recommend by financial advisers, is the introduction of automated system. First of all, it is recommended to master subsystem of financial flows planning with the analysis of profits, losses, which opens the road for planning the receipts and payments of a company, timing and sums of borrowed funds, rational management of temporarily free financial resources and formation of financial flows on both whole enterprise and departmental levels. This technology is quite simple. But the success depends primarily on the formulation of accounting management. Subsystem of financial flows planning and analysis ensures financial stability of corporate finances and helps to prevent the emergence of critical situations.

Then, it is usually recommended to integrate income program. The introduction of working capital management system and product range and cost management system is intended to ensure an increase in profits. The next step in the work of the consultant is to establish a system of budget control, analysis of targets fulfillment and adjusting of plans.

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