Some nuances of your office move

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In any case, if you want to to organize a competent office move, you must do three main things: elaborate a detailed plan, choose a company for transportation and appoint a date of relocation. If you use a services of professional moving company, do not be lazy to control the process of transportation personally. So you can avoid unnecessary problems and will be 100% sure that when no office property will be damaged during a move. We recommend you or your representative to supervise personally the loading of things in a truck. If the boxes and furniture are arranged in a truck in a wrong manner - the property might be damaged. Companies that are engaged in cargo transportation, usually perform qualitative handling of things, ensuring their safety.

It is worth noting that the new office should be prepared for the move in advance. If you want to avoid further rearrangement of furniture, then make a detailed plan of furniture disposition in advance. Read more how to prepare your staff for relocation.

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