Personal and professional qualities of chief accountant for small businesses

Professional qualities, which every accountant must have to co-manage successfully a small or mid-sized company: integrity, attentiveness, responsibility, concentration, patience, perseverance, stress tolerance and positive attitude to monotonous work. Besides, accountant should have a good memory and accuracy and be able to work with basic accounting software. Accountant is high-ranking position, even in a small company, which imposes a great responsibility on a person that is why a candidate must possess stress tolerance and have no diseases of nervous system.

If we consider professional qualities of accountant, it should be mentioned the following: a deep knowledge of tax and accounting legislation, desire and ability to maximize cost savings of the company, ability to prove own views and opinions to tax authorities and other officials, ability to predict and explain tax consequences, ability to organize the work of accounting department. But the most important quality of accountant, according to executives, is the ability to organize the working process of the company.

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