What to do at new location


From the first days of arrival to a new place, try to make friends and acquaintances, do not avoid dialogues with colleagues at work, it will help you to adapt more quickly and avoid feelings of loneliness. Try to spend less time at home. Print out a map of the area and go for a walk. Even if there is nothing special in your city, you still have to know where the nearest shop, a pharmacy and a bar are located. Anyway, maybe the corner of your home is a very beautiful place.

Try to learn as much as possible about the new town, compare the available knowledge about it, whether it fits the reality or not. Join a new team, try to dive into the work, share your experiences with your loved ones and do not be afraid to learn from others. Your new job will change your life and give it a new impetus, believe in yourself and you will succeed. Find more tips from psychologists on how to prepare yourself for the move.

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