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The most reliable way to immigrate to Canada is through employment. In addition to solving financial issues, you also get salary from the beginning and work experience in Canada, besides, having a job offer allows you to pass through the immigration process quickly and safely. However, there is one big problem the most foreigners are facing - it is quite difficult to find a job in Canada as well as to get formalized invitation from the employer, since Canada strictly protects its labor market from foreign workers.

Foreigners, who do not have permanent resident status in Canada, need to get a Work Permit in order to work in Canada legally. It is issued for a term of the contract concluded with the employer, and is directly linked to this employer. You should start Work Permit obtaining with a search of the employer. In the case, if you have found interested in your services employer, he should give you a job offer. Then this invitation is sent to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development. There it is processed and if there are no objections, then Positive Labor Market Opinion is issued. This conclusion confirms that this company is able to invite workers from abroad. It is not required to receive Labor Market Opinion for some categories of workers from abroad. It is especially true when it comes to various international agreements or persons studying in Canada and so on. However, these cases are relatively rare and they are specified. For example, for some specialties from the sphere of information technologies which are in great demand in Canada, it is not necessary to obtain Labor Market Opinion. In these cases, a job offer is enough, but employer must meet certain requirements, otherwise the company will not get Positive Labor Market Opinion.

Company inviting employee from abroad, should be successful on the Canadian market for years, have a good financial performance, have full time working staff and invited experts from abroad must meet company's profile activities. If Positive Labor Market Opinion is received, the next step is to appeal to Canadian embassy for work permit. Once your application is processed by immigration authorities in Canada, you will be issued a visitor's Temporary Resident Visa and a document entitled as Letter of Authorization. Issued document entitled as Letter of Authorization is not a work permit, it is only a reason to get it. Work Permit is issued by immigration officer at the point of entry to Canada if you have Letter of Authorization and visitor's visa. It is he, who makes the final decision and determines the conditions of working and staying in the country. Work permit strictly defines conditions to work in Canada, including the type of work you are allowed to perform, the employer you are allowed to work for and so on. Work permit does not guarantee that you will not be fired. If you are interested in getting job in Canada, experts from can give you more detailed consultations.

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